Business Energy Scan

Feeling Stuck or Looking to Optimize?  

Every business owner blazes a path their own unique path to success. But it’s almost never easy – or even clear what that path is. And, each entrepreneur’s personal journey has set up unique internal roadblocks to that success.

And so it is often a process of feeling around in the dark until you happen upon a way that works.

Well, no more.

The fact is that the path you seek to success exists within you.

All you have to do is be able to see where it is and what is standing in the way. This is what I do with a Business Energy Scan. I look inside your personal energy field into your mental/emotional body and into the energy of your business to identify the blocks that are holding you back from success.

I also look at what the outside influences are that are impacting your business’ revenues, profits, and operations. And then I test your field with possibilities to see which blocks need to be addressed in what order and whether certain paths will be useful or not for your business (not everything works for everyone).

If there is a quick solution, I will give it to you in the moment. If not, we’ll discuss next steps at the end and I’ll give you direction to take you forward.

Recognize These?

  • Feeling Drained – you give away all your energy to your clients and have nothing left to live your own life
  • Over-Investing In Client Outcomes – you’re more attached to your clients getting to their goals than they are – this results in power imbalances and you manipulating rather than motivating them to do their work
  • Resistance to Hiring a Team – it just seems too hard and you doubt they’d do anything you gave them right anyway
  • Overworking – even when you’re not seeing clients, you work yourself until you drop
  • Impostor Syndrome – you feel like you’re not good enough (even though  you know you’re amazing – it’s still not good enough), you don’t feel worthy to charge higher prices
  • Trouble Managing Employees – Either you’re micromanaging or abdicating responsibility for supervising. And, you’re probably being everyone’s mother – which is exhausting.

People who have had this energy scan are always impressed at how much information is contained in them and many come back every 6 months to a year to update their scans as they complete different pieces of their own work. Some even share their sessions with coaches and business partners to support the process.

My clients who have had this service listen to the recordings over and over again. They tell me that they will hear things on the 4th or 5th listening that they swear weren’t there the first few times they listened. This is because they weren’t ready to hear it yet. You’ll get a TON of information in this that will help you understand your inner workings and the energetics of your business so much better.

If you’re seeking to optimize your business success, this is the express train.

How I Do It

The Business Energy Scan process takes 90-120 minutes depending on the issues, the complexity, and your questions. And, yes, I record the session – so you’ll get an audio and a transcript of the session. You’ll want to take a lot of notes, so make sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

I prefer to do these sessions cold (having never spoken before) on Zoom without video on, so you are clear that I am not reading your earlier comments or your body language. This way you know I’m reading your energy field directly. Use the link below to sign up for your energy scan session to turbo charge your personal spiritual evolution process today.



I just had an energy scan with Kelle! It was a thorough reading with many insights that I didn’t know and some I knew but wasn’t able to speak. She gave me a few tools and a few gifts to not only get myself back on track but to live a bigger, better, brighter authentic existence! Please check out her page, like it so that you receive her posts you will not regret it! Thanks Again Kelle!!
Marilyn Wright

I have to say..I have never had a reading done as well as the one Kelle gave me. She was completely right on every point she said and understood exactly where and why I am the way I am. I would say anyone getting a reading from her or working with her is extremely lucky. She is so full of love and support and isn’t afraid of giving a good swift kick when it is needed but it is done with such love. An an amazing woman with an amazing heart. I am blessed and very grateful to have met her.
Brooke N.

Hi Kelle – I just wanted to stop by and say Thank You so much for the reading you gave me yesterday. It was very relevant at this moment in time, with much food for thought.. but most importantly I came out of it feeling a new sense of understanding and purpose. It’s been a number of years since I had any kind of reading – to be honest I’d lost faith there – but something drew me to your advertisement – and I’m so glad I acted on that compulsion now. You certainly have a gift!
Carol Elsip

Hello Kelle, I am still integrating and reflecting on the information you gave me during my most amazing scan. Your sense of humor, your insights and your sweet ways was everything I needed to be able to really hear the deep information you were sharing about my energy fields and the issues there. Everything you said resonated, and I could see exactly what you meant because you were so clear at the same time you were so compassionate in how you spoke with me that there was a shift right after we spoke. I’ll definately want to follow up with you in a few weeks to have you assess my progress and to help me clarify a few goals and milestones in my self healing process.. Letting go is a big priority as is integrating those wonderful energies that have been just waiting for me to accept… Bright blessings, lots of love and laughter
Susan Pharis

I had a terrific shamanic energy reading today with Kelle Sparta. Thanks Kelle for the care, the advice and the confirmation. I’ll be in touch soon.
Natalie Johnsen

abundance in my life shifted dramatically the VERY DAY after we spoke….radically…even as I feel I’m taking baby steps towards change from what I gained through our phone meeting!
Karin Kitely

Thank you so much for the energy reading! I really resonated with it. I have a lot to process! Thanks again..Namaste ♥
Linda Thompson

Yes!  I Want My Path To Success!