Waking up in the morning totally refreshed, ready to take on a new day. Going through an entire day doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it, and not worrying about other people judging you for it. Imagine not having the constant din of questions and inner judgments shouting in your head, amping up your anxiety levels. Imagine feeling like you have just enough to do and no stress about doing it.

You might think this is some fairy tale, but it doesn’t have to be. This life could be yours, if you’re willing to do the work and be really honest with yourself.

You could have this life much sooner than you think.

Even if you’ve tried and failed before.

You just have to learn how to claim your space, set your boundaries, and own your power. To do this, you’ll have to learn to see the world a little differently along the way.

Overcoming Your Challenged Childhood

Your challenged childhood has given you a skewed perspective on the world. It has also robbed you of your ability to see yourself, your wants, and your needs clearly (or at all). And it has left you with a damaged sense of your own identity.

Your identity is what allows you to hold a vision of yourself and who you want to be in the world. It is the container that collects the energy you need to make any substantive change in your life. When this container is damaged or shattered, you literally CANNOT change.

This is why you’ve had such a hard time changing in the past. It’s not your fault! You didn’t know that before you can change yourself, you first have to heal yourself.

The good news is that in healing these pieces of yourself, you’ll start to feel a LOT better.

And once you heal them, and learn about how the process of change works (which I also teach you), you’ll be able to make any change you need going forward.

Aren’t You Tired of The Constant Stress And Anxiety?

I remember what it was like before I uncovered this work. I was constantly on edge, working more hours in a day than I could count doing everything I could to be utterly PERFECT.

I thought that if I could achieve perfection then people would HAVE to love me. But somehow it never worked that way. I gave and gave and gave and on the rare occasion that I needed something, all I got was attitude from the people around me – like they couldn’t believe I could have the nerve to ask for something.

I went to bed with a list of “to-dos” in my head and if my exhaustion was high enough, I’d sleep. If not, I’d just tick that list off in my head for hours until I finally got a few hours sleep in, only to wake up overwhelmed and still stressed out. Lather, rinse, and repeat that day over and over for 20-30 years and you’ve got a clue how it felt to be me.

Sound familiar? Something had to give!

Something Has To Give:

How long are you going to wait for things to get better? Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I know you know this.

The question has always been what to do differently. How to be different.

This is why so many of the people I work with have sought out help in therapy. Unfortunately, without much success.

You see, most therapy doesn’t have an impact on this state that you’re in. It’s a complex fabric of coping mechanisms that are woven together. They have to be removed all at once. If you miss even one piece, the entire fabric refuses to give. Most therapy can’t handle this. And this is why so many of my clients come to me after months, years, or even decades of therapy to finally find improvement with my processes.

How I Discovered This

I’ve spent the last 20+ years doing my own work for myself and then going back and writing down what worked – codifying the path of personal transformation. I have taken my knowledge from a rudimentary understanding to what it is now; a fully fleshed out pathway to happiness. And I’m still doing it. As I learn new things or recognize the need to add more content, I add it in.

Back in 2002, when I was only 4 years into my personal process, I was on walkabout (spiritual pilgrimage). Everyone asked me the same questions over and over at each stop of my journey, so I wrote a book to share with people that was just 45 pages long.

One year and as additional 20 pages later, I asked my boyfriend to edit it for me. He took a weekend away to visit his parents to read it forward and backward. When he came home, he arrived with his head cupped in his hands saying “Ow, ow, ow.”

He said “You need to put a warning label on this book that says ‘Warning! Do not read this book too fast or your head will explode!’” And that book, which I have translated into this program, is now over 186 pages long. (Don’t worry – you’ll get it in bite-sized chunks.)

This is not spiritual aphorism or text lifted from other teachings, this is real-world, practical stuff that actually works to make your life better. As one of my participants at a workshop put it, it is “pharmaceutical-grade spiritual tough love medicine” that will change your life.

Step Onto The Express Train

Because this program is so focused and concentrated, it is also intense, so you should only sign up if you are really ready to change.

I have taken a growth process that usually takes people 10 years to complete and put it into a year-long process.

Things WILL change. YOU will change. A year from now, your whole life will look different.

This is a crucible in which you will transform your life and yourself from lead into gold. I can show you the path, but only you can make the change.

With great responsibility comes great power. When you own responsibility for your work, you step fully into your power: claiming your space in the world, and setting amazing boundaries which will empower you to achieve anything you want in life.

The Curriculum

Your First Year Contains These Two Tracks:

(Click on the titles below to see the content for each track)

Metaphysics and Magick – How to Use Energy To Improve Your Life

You’ve done a little bit of energy work in your first year. Now that you’ve solidified your personal container, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about how energy works in the larger world.

We’ll cover details about:

  • Embracing Your Magickal Self
  • Magickal Tools
  • Embracing the Elements (this will also help you with your Ketera practice)
  • Dreams
  • Mythology and Thinking Symbolically
  • Altars – How to Use a Physical Space to Hold an Energetic Intention
  • Power Animals
  • Spirit Guides
  • Psychic Development 101
  • Shields and Circles

These will build on what you learned in your Law of Attraction training, clearing your energy field, boundaries for empaths and your warding classes in Year 1.

If you’ve been listening to the Spirit Sherpa podcast, you’ll have a leg up on the program since some of the episodes are included here, but now we take the concepts deeper.

You’ll be given exercises to practice your new found understanding of the spiritual world and you’ll be given the opportunity to ask questions and post your experiences on the Facebook Group as well as getting guidance on the twice monthly calls.

You’ll also be given book and movie recommendations to support and expand your understanding of the work, the energetics, and the astral plane itself.

This work can also be started at any time once you have completed your MSE training. It will be delivered over the course of your year.

Mastering Spiritual Evolution Core Course

Metaphysics and Magick – How to Use Energy To Improve Your Life

You’ve done a little bit of energy work in your first year. Now that you’ve solidified your personal container, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about how energy works in the larger world.

We’ll cover details about:

  • Embracing Your Magickal Self
  • Embracing the Elements
  • Dreams
  • Mythology and Thinking Symbolically
  • Altars – How to Use a Physical Space to Hold an Energetic Intention
  • Talking with Your Spirit Guides
  • Psychic Development 101
  • Shields and Circles
  • Law of Attraction training

If you’ve been listening to the Spirit Sherpa podcast, you’ll have a leg up on the program since some of the episodes are included here, but now we take the concepts deeper.

You’ll be given exercises to practice your new found understanding of the spiritual world and you’ll be given the opportunity to ask questions and post your experiences in the Discussion Group as well as getting guidance on the twice monthly calls.

You’ll also be given book and movie recommendations to support and expand your understanding of the work, the energetics, and the astral plane itself.

Mastering Spiritual Evolution

I know you’re going to ask me for the full curriculum, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. You will be getting new content every week for a whole year. If I spelled it all out, you’d shut down. But if you get it delivered to you in a drip fashion, it is manageable. In fact, it’s energizing – exciting even!

So rather than listing a curriculum, I’m going to tell you the issues that we’ll address:

  • Getting out of survival mode so you can begin to thrive!
  • Releasing Judgment, inner and outer so you can stop feeling like you’re constantly under attack
  • Unwinding the Stories that hold you back from your power so you can write new ones that empower you and your life moving forward
  • Understanding the process of change so you know what to expect and you don’t shut down or quit just before you find success
  • Recognizing and Overcoming Your Resistance To Change so that you can stop getting derailed from your process just as it starts to work
  • Boundaries and Discernment so that other people’s needs don’t take precedence over your own, so you can actually find the time to do the work
  • Owning Your Power so you can finally be the hero of your own life
  • Dealing with Your Triggers instead of being run by them
  • Draining the Well of Rage Inside You so you don’t have to limit your access to your own power for fear of destroying everything around you
  • And more…

I knew I was different when I was 7 years old. All the evidence from each challenging moment to shape who i was when Kelle found me is plainly visible. I was shattered in so many ways. Kelle Sparta guided me through all of it with loving kindness, compassion and above all; honesty. 

Starting with her Boundaries for Empaths and Inner Peace, I was able to peel away decades of childhood and adult trauma. Once I saw how quickly it worked for me, I enrolled in the next program. 
I am a healthy, solid and ever-evolving woman today. I’ve learned how to set boundaries with myself, my husband and children
Raising four empathic daughters has been very difficult, because I’m navigating three of them through the loss of their Dad, my first husband. Kelle’s methods wrapped me up in a cozy hug so I was able to truly see myself through all the pain. I use the tools everyday, because they work.
I have flourished because of Kelle’s guidance and it’s positively impacted my whole family. I would do it all over again just to work with Kelle Sparta.

Megan Rodriguez

Doing this program was the smartest thing that I have ever done. Being a college professor, I have to deal with all sorts of people on a daily basis and I spent more time than I would like to admit replaying interactions and conversations in my head; analyzing my own behavior for where I sounded stupid or wondering if I had said the right thing to get the person in front of me to like me. My life was ruled by stress and uncertainty. I strived for constant perfection and everything that I did either crumbled or failed to bring me the happiness that I thought would be mine.

This program helped me to see the patterns in my life that kept me feeling stuck and the reasons that I was deeply unhappy (even if I didn’t want to admit that unhappiness to others). I felt like at any moment the world was going to fall on my head. Doing this program was not easy because I had to face events from my life that had created beliefs and rules that I had lived with since I was a child. It wasn’t easy, but it was SO WORTH IT! If I traveled back in time, I would do this again in a heartbeat. Kelle has a way of seeing into a person’s head and unraveling the beliefs that they have living in there that impact a person’s life. I am forever grateful for being able to talk to people and not look back at those conversations judging my own behavior.

I am finally starting to feel comfortable in my own skin and not worrying all of the time about what other people think of me. The most awesome thing is that I’m finally feeling the happiness that I thought should always have been there. I can’t thank Kelle enough for that. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “oh Kelle paid this person to write this”. She didn’t. She wrote an awesome program and I worked hard to face my own self and get through that program. And I look forward to the rest of my life being exactly what I want it to be.

Andrea Frank

Kelle Sparta’s program is like connecting all the border pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. It feels so good to have your borders complete. So you can organize all the internal chaos. As someone who specializes in burnout, I was drawn to Kelle’s course. I wanted to understand how my challenged childhood contributed to my patterns around stress. I found her work to be extremely helpful for me… So many of us are afraid to look at the past. We don’t want to go into self-pity. We don’t want to think about it. Or we don’t want to bother because we’re too busy for that. But with the proper guidance, you don’t have to get sucked into the gritty details.

Kelle helps you dig out the patterns so you can see how they are affecting your adult life. Doing this work helps you stand in your power again. It will transform your relationships. It will alter your confidence. It will leave you with a clear road map on how to get out of stress, so you can find a way back to your best life.

Elea Faucheron

I have been in & out of “traditional talk therapy” for decades. The focus had always been about “how do you feel”, which is important however, it’s only scratching the surface of that iceberg! In the past 6 months, I have made more progress in my personal/spiritual growth with Kelle’s course than I have in all of the decades of combined talk therapy! Kelle gives you homework to do that helps you Understand Who you are, Why you behave/engage with life & people the way that you do, What the Root Causes are that keep you stuck & unhappy and the steps you need to take to change your life. If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, Kelle is who you have been looking for to guide you into & through the process. I highly recommend her, with much gratitude & Love.

Melissa Amendola

I never established a sense of self that is independent from the materialistic world. A self that is independent of my achievements, a self that just… is. For me it was hard to understand what exactly it is when people say “love yourself” or “your true self is boundless” or “your soul cannot be broken”. Now I am getting it. There is nothing that can limit, destroy, hurt, make small, confine the real “ME”. Not measurements, not achievements, not religions, not ideologies. This newfound sense of spiritual confidence and ease is just mind-blowing.

Lu Zhang, LIfe Coach
[2 months after completing our full set of personal growth courses]

I first started working with Kelle after having taken a class with her. I was dealing with trying to banish self-doubt and negative tapes in my head as well as looking at how to establish self-love in my life. When I was thinking about making the year-long investment in coaching sessions, it seemed like such a big investment to make in myself. After all, there wasn’t really a hard and fast deliverable at the end – just a promise of feeling better about life and myself and letting go of some of the stories I had been holding onto. How do you set a value on that? But I was in a place where I knew I needed to make a change, and I had already gotten a lot of value out of the class I took with her, so I took the plunge and signed up.

Now it’s a year later and I can see exactly what that time and money bought me and it’s worth so much more than I spent! Through a series of perspective shifts or what she calls “Thought Alchemy”, Kelle helped me to peel away the inner dialog that kept me bogged down. And it wasn’t even really hard! Usually the hardest part was just wrapping my brain around the new way of thinking about things. And doing that instantly changed my experience of myself, my family, and the world around me. With those voices gone, I am now able to see myself so much more clearly.
I’m able to let go of things that once drained my energy. I am more relaxed, at ease, and at peace with myself and my life than I can ever remember being. If you’re thinking about working with Kelle and you’re worried about spending this kind of money on yourself, think of it this way. You could spend the money on a vacation or paying down bills, or you could spend it making your life better every day for the rest of your life. Seems like a no-brainer to me

Millie Gormely
Financial Planner, BMO Financial Group

I can’t thank you enough for your love and guidance. When we met in 2015 I never would have imagined I’d be where I am today. Four years ago I was living in Boston, working 70+ hr weeks, was miserable and barely able to call myself an artist. Today my heart is bursting with happiness. I live in a beautiful place surrounded by nature and loving family. I love myself and I have a space to share my art with the world. I am finally standing in my power. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude.?‍♀️ 

Amy Kelly

Kelle Sparta is simply amazing. One time I was highly encouraged by a partner to do an individual session with her. At the time I was overly frugal, hesitant, and honestly I went in thinking it’s very unlikely I’m going to come away feeling like I got my money’s worth. Well, I did. Big time. 

Kelle helped me see the source of the hard challenges I was going through – the beliefs that didn’t serve me, my unmet needs, and how to fill those needs. My session with Kelle was powerfully moving and eye opening to some strong unconscious patterns I had been living my whole adult life.
What I love about Kelle’s year long program I’m doing is that it’s more holistic, long term minded, and planned out for effectiveness than a lot of other self growth options out there. I feel more confident doing these efforts knowing that she, with all her experience, has put it all together consciously rather than me doing various self growth efforts on my own based on my more short term feelings and planning.
 In addition to all of this, I tremendously appreciate how Kelle genuinely cares about me and the others she helps. She is kind, caring, compassionate and humble.
I’ve lived my life in the self growth world for 10 years and have met and worked with many coaches, healers, therapists, etc. Kelle is clearly in the top 3 I’ve seen. Thank you so much Kelle for EVERYTHING!

Kyle Hoffman

You’ll Have Support

One of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your life is the lack of support you received. You needed to feel like someone had your back and that rarely if ever happened.

In this program, I put you in a group with other people just like you. You will be given exercises to share with the group just like they will be sharing with you. This environment allows you to feel seen and supported.

It also helps you feel like you’re not alone. You get to see that other people have had the same experiences you have. You’re not crazy or stupid or lazy or any of the other things you might have called yourself over the years.

This part of the process is the one that most people underestimate. And yet it is one of the ones that most people report as being the most affirming and useful. You’re going to love it!

Time Commitment

I know you have a busy life. And you’re probably worried about the time commitment. So let me say this: each day’s exercise is meant to take somewhere between 5-60 minutes to complete, with the vast majority of them falling into the 5-15 minute category.  (Basically, I’ve designed the modules so that you can do most of them on the toilet in the morning.)

It is doable if you keep up with it. It is a commitment, one you make to yourself and to the group. To support that commitment, after the initial 7 day cooling off period required by law, I don’t offer refunds. Once you’re in, you’re in. This is for your benefit.

Course Structure

This is a 12-month program. It is designed to get you started on your spiritual evolution from the minute you sign up.

I have a custom learning platform that will walk you through the material step-by-step and keep you on point in the lesson you’re on now. This way you don’t accidentally skip steps by running forward in the material trying to finish faster. You will NEED to take your time with the lessons.

The program is designed to be delivered over 12 months. But don’t worry if you’re afraid you can’t finish it in that time. We have a plan for that.

 At Signup

The moment you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome letter with your schedule of group coaching calls, and access to the learning portal, and access to your group discussion board.  Our groups are limited to 12 people per group to make sure everyone gets a personalized experience.

    Each Month:

    You’ll receive a series of lessons that will become available at the beginning of each week:

    • Reading to introduce new concepts, make you think, and raise your awareness.
    • Stories to help you put the work into context.
    • Videos or audios to expound on the information or to inspire you.
    • Exercises to help you explore your inner world and expose and shift the thoughts that hold you back.

    On average, these lessons and the exercises included in them will take you somewhere between 2-4 hours per week to complete. You will do these exercises at your own pace, so if one week is super busy, you can catch up the next.

    Private Discussion Group

    There will also be a private (no one can see the posts except those in the group) group that is part of our online learning system. This will allow you to compare notes with your fellow students and ask questions of the coaches. Most we’ll answer online, others we’ll save for the calls if they are too complicated to answer quickly online. 

    You’ll Also Get Coaching

    You’ll get two 60-minute monthly group coaching calls with your coach to help you with questions you have about the material and to help you learn from others’ questions as well. 

    And you’ll get four 30-minute private coaching calls with Kelle you can use at any time over the course of the year.

    All calls will also be recorded and be made available in your Discussion group. If you need a question answered and you can’t make a call, simply write an email the day before to Kelle and you’ll get your answer on the recording.

    Are You In?

    You’re already committed to your spiritual path or you wouldn’t still be reading this. Now what you have to decide is if what I’m offering you resonates.

    I’m not going to do any hard sell on you or tell you the value of what I’m offering, if you don’t see that by now, you shouldn’t join the program.

    What I’m going to do is tell you to check with your gut; let it tell you what you should do.

    You should feel a little scared and a little excited and a lot like you’re about to jump off a cliff if this is the right choice for you.

    Change is scary. And stepping onto this speed of spiritual path is a LOT like jumping off a cliff. But in a year, you’ll know that the journey was worth the fear you had to overcome.

    If you’re ready to cut through the noise and move forward on the path,

    Apply Now

    *Because this program is a group program, I don’t let people sign up without talking to me first. I want to make sure that everyone who comes in is safe to put in the group (safety is paramount – without it, change cannot happen) and that the group program is a fit for the person, so I ask that you sign up for a Discovery Call so that we can discuss this.

    I look forward to talking with you soon!

    Cancellation Policy: Because this work can be challenging and a primary resistance to change is to avoid or try to cancel, we do not accept cancellations. Once you are in the program, you are in for the duration. We’ve designed it this way to keep you on track and moving forward.