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Individual and Group Work

Let me begin by expressing that Kelle is an absolute godsend! After recently reconnecting following a two-year hiatus, I am simply amazed by the transformative impact she has had on my life in such a short period. In just a 60-minute one-on-one coaching session, Kelle skillfully unraveled the core of my struggles and provided me with actionable steps to PROPEL me forward.

Her ability to connect with spirit and channel profound insights is nothing short of extraordinary. Beyond being an expert, her understanding of how energy operates and flows is unparalleled. Kelle’s guidance has been a game-changer; I implemented her suggestions and experienced nearly instantaneous shifts in my life.

I now find myself able to move forward with ease, a stark contrast to the previous paralysis I felt. The persistent whispers of toxic shame have grown faint, and my overall sense of joy has skyrocketed. Working with Kelle again has been an absolute delight, and I couldn’t be happier. Without a doubt, she stands as the most exceptional mentor I’ve ever had. I am eternally grateful that the Divine led me to her.


I’ve been searching for spiritual guidance my entire life. I’ve had lots of experiences proving how powerful humans can be working with energy, but I was too scared to look deeper into Spiritual practices. I didn’t know where to begin. I found Kelle’s podcast randomly when she first began. I had a discovery call around the 2016 election & she was the first person to emphatically tell me I did not have to subscribe to mainstream media or drama. She told me to read and practice her “Empaths for Boundaries” e-course. I finally decided last year to join “Welcome to the Woo”. I have no regrets! Having the support of Kelle, Josh, and the other students was so helpful. Thank you so much for the guidance I’ve been seeking!

J. Haar

I recently had a healing session with Kelle and it was transformational. I had been feeling weak, sad, extremely low energy – and an overall feeling of ‘not myself’. It was the worst I have ever felt… I reached out to Kelle for help. After her assessment we planned a session – and WOW. Kelle’s ability to determine the root cause and healing approach is truly remarkable. I felt an immediate calmness and relief after our session. Things only improved from there. After the healing, I leveraged Kelle’s sound healing audio and guided meditations regularly. The healing continued. Today, I feel 100Xs improved. HIGHLY recommend Kelle – as a healer, a Shaman, and a spiritual consultant.

Cassi Wika

Kelle is a very powerful presence that allows your deepest wounds to emerge and be released. Her shamanic work is AMAZING and truly a precious gift. I know that her work has shifted me in ways that I have experienced with no one else. If you want to experience a BIG SHIFT of your deepest wounds, I strongly recommend that you work with her.
Daniel John Hanneman

CEO, Academy for Invincible Healers

Kelle’s healing abilities are gentle and so straightforward. When I want to hear the truth and clarity around my actions, I talk to Kelle. When my body needs nurturing and balance , I talk to Kelle. Kelle holds this amazing space of safety and groundness that allows for me to do deep and transformational work. This allows for my growth which allows me to do my work. Thanks Kelle
Noah McIntyre

Editor in Chief, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

30 minutes with you, Kelle, is the same as spending an entire weekend at The Forum! You’re so insightful, you get right to the heart of the matter.
Dan Zuckergood

Working with Kelle rocks! I had too many a-ha moments to even count. The most amazing gift I received was being reminded about what really matters, the underpinning of my world, which will help me make my passions a priority in my daily life. Kelle is not just a coach, but a powerfully loving and fully present healer that helps you to really transform, making lasting changes in your life.
Lisa Marie Selow

Author, A Rebel Chick Mystic's Guide

Kelle Sparta is a great ritualistic life coach, shamanic coach, intuitive, really amazing, well-rounded, coach, guide, healer. A lot of the practices I do, I learned from her. She dances very strong in the ritual arts and in her confidence in her psychic abilities. Kelle really has taught me a lot in regards to being highly sensitive, empathic, and strong. The aspect of her, that inspires me, that I’m inspired to be like, is that she really shows up in her authentic self in such a beautiful, empowered, confident, amazing way. She stays true to herself irregardless of the independent opinions of others. I value her work and how she shows up in the world in such a big way. I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many teachers, and I’ve always been so thoroughly impressed with how she shows up in the world.
Candace Marie Divinatrix

Tantra Educator and Practitioner, Temple of Frolic

I have talked to many councilors, therapists, studied, read self-help books, etc.; but it is rare and refreshing to talk to someone like Kelle. She has the unique ability to be honest, thoughtful, intelligent and actually help. She tells you the truth and it is the truth on a deep personal level and at the same time practical level. A truth that relates directly to you. After talking to her a while you take a deep breath and say “yes, that is it”. She isn’t full of shit, I think that is the best way to put it. Do yourself a favor and talk to her for a while.
Hodari Fenderson

I have been working with Kelle for a while now and she really has helped me break through a lot of personal barriers and work on being more satisfied and happy with my life. At first I rolled my eyes at the notion that I could live life the way I wanted to, but I am (slowly) learning that she is right.
Caroline Cranton


I hung around a lot of psychics and energy workers when I was a teenager living in Sedona, Arizona. I knew Kelle Sparta was the real deal shortly after I met her. Of course, there’s a difference between being the real deal on her own and having the skills to aid others in their own personal transformation, but Kelle does not disappoint.

My experience with Kelle has truly been transformational. I’m more relaxed and at ease in all aspects of my life, from dealing with the trials of raising my two kids, to dealing with the trials of my day-job, to everything in-between. I highly recommend her.

Steven Black

Kelle is indeed a knowledgeable, sharp coach as is evident the moment you speak with her. What I appreciate more though, is her ability to tune into me directly and help me express myself in a way that helps me develop both personally and professionally.

I have worked with Kelle over the past several months. Kelle has her hands full with me as I came to her as raw material. Each session, it was evident that she was giving me her undivided attention and guiding me to places that she knew I needed to get to. I am grateful for her intuitiveness as I didn’t know where I needed to go much less how to get there.

Kelle has always shown me patience and explained to me why she gives me the assignments she does and how they are going to help me. Again, right away, she knew I was a person who needed this kind of explanation. I have developed a great deal since we started working together, and she is kind to recognize me for that.

I look forward to future growth and development with her guidance.

Jaylin Knight

Owner, Bootique Fitness

When asked to describe Kelle Sparta as a personal growth guide the first thing that comes to mind is that Kelle is a rock. Do I mean Kelle is dependable? Yes, but much more than that. Kelle is the sturdy rock where you can build the foundation of your new life plan. She is the strong rock where you can smash your old habits, that no longer serve you (if they ever did at all). She is the sheltering rock where you can seek refuge from your crippling fears that keep you from moving forward. She is the comforting rock where you can bask in warmth in the sun of your successes. And when it is time for you to move on, she is the steadfast rock—like a mountain that will always be there when you need her.
Samantha Deans

Kelle is more than a coach, more than a leader, more than a teacher. She does something that is brilliant beyond explanation… She’s bright, deeply intuitive, intensely capable, and genius…she will peer into your soul, grasp the core of your passion with the utmost grace, and hold you like a mother while you watch with awe as she dusts it off and polishes it into the magnificent masterpiece you always suspected it was but were afraid to believe. Kelle believes you into success. If she is near you and has her arms out, go for the full embrace. You will be forever grateful that you did

Oceana LeBlanc

Goddess Oceana

I’ve never found someone who does shamanism in such a beautiful, profound, and unintimidating fashion.
Tracey Kern

Editor in Chief, Conscious Shift Magazine

I really don’t know what to say about [my earlier self assessments from when I started the program.] They were really hard to reread. When I wrote them, it is easy to see that I was in a great deal of pain and was treading water through it all just trying to survive. Really, I was. In all areas of my life. I might have put a pretty bow on it, and told myself this was a pretty good place to be, but it was not. My numbering system as the happiness scale was not at all what I would rate it looking back from where I am now.

I realized a few things.

One-I really did know what my issues were- and was really able to identify where I needed work- but I had no fucking idea how to move. I was soooo stuck.

Two-I was really in my head processing and trying to bypass my work. I thought I could cognitively work my way around, over, or under. Any which way but through!

Three-this course is a wild, amazing and quick passage through the toughest, deepest, most wounded parts of ourselves that allows for healing and rebuilding in a way that I never imagined would be possible.

Four-I am not empty inside. I am alive and unique! I have intrinsic value and do not have to measure my worth day to day, by progress or setback. I am lovable, free, full of my own ideas. I like myself and love myself.

I am humbled and honored to have spent my time along side strong coaches and fellow course mates. I found a tribe.. This life changing evolution process has saved my life…

Pheobe Wing

I’m ready for my time in the “Sparta-sphere, it’s where I come to level-up!” I came to my appointment w/Kelle one morning, early in our time of working together, and this was the first thing that came enthusiastically out if my mouth. We had only been working together for a few weeks, yet there were significant shifts I was experiencing in my perspective & approach to my vision for my work. I highly recommend working with Kelle, she will help you to see how to play up your strengths, she will firmly & clearly point out anything that could use your attention – and all of this is done with a delightful sense of humor and kindness. Don’t wait, be sure to get your chance to experience the amazing things that can happen for you with Kelle in the “Sparta-sphere”.
Carolyn Kepes

Founder, In the Lap of the Goddess

Kelle’s healing abilities are gentle and so straightforward. When I want to hear the truth and clarity around my actions, I talk to Kelle. When my body needs nurturing and balance , I talk to Kelle. Kelle holds this amazing space of safety and groundness that allows for me to do deep and transformational work. This allows for my growth which allows me to do my work. Thanks Kelle.
Susan Angelo

Shaman, Shamanic Spirit Song

I can’t thank you enough, Kelle! Your ability to listen deeply, humbly, and respectfully to my life experiences was such a blessing. I appreciated your ability to see deeply into my chaos and pull out connections and meaning that I hadn’t seen, but seemed so right when you pointed them out. You helped me understand what happened and how to move forward. I highly recommend anyone who wants clarity to see you for life coaching.
Shayna Hesselgrave

Sometimes someone says something that can completely change the way you view things. That gives you so much food for thought that it almost stops you in your tracks. Kelle Sparta Thank you. You have tipped my world on its axis but in the way that I needed. Do I have work to do to melt down the tape that runs in my head? Yes but you have gifted me with a powerful tool to work with. Already I can feel the shifts in the depths that will flow upward into all things. Can’t wait to see what comes out!
Robyn Mellish

I have been in & out of “traditional talk therapy” for decades. The focus had always been about “how do you feel”, which is important however, it’s only scratching the surface of that iceberg! In the past 6 months, I have made more progress in my personal/spiritual growth with Kelle’s course than I have in all of the decades of combined talk therapy! Kelle gives you homework to do that helps you Understand Who you are, Why you behave/engage with life & people the way that you do, What the Root Causes are that keep you stuck & unhappy and the steps you need to take to change your life. If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, Kelle is who you have been looking for to guide you into & through the process. I highly recommend her, with much gratitude & Love.
Melissa Amendola

The results after one private session with Kelle were remarkable. Following the second session, an enormous shift began that went beyond my professional objective and lifted my personal life up and onto an astoundingly satisfying trajectory, that continues to gain momentum.

What I deeply appreciate is the discovery that one truth embraced puts into motion a path of benevolent experiences going forward. In my experience, it is akin to stepping out the door into a master garden, one I had no recollection of creating, but which has been mine to claim every day since.

Kelle is gifted and working with her delivered much more than I anticipated.

Blake Voorhees


Kelle is a gifted healer, and she is very inspirational teacher. She and I are part of the SpiritMindBody RVA together, and I have met her a few times.

Earlier this week, I saw her in my dreams, and she did a healing ritual on me. I woke up with more energy and feeling more of the Light. In my waking life, I had been working with individuals who are in physical and mental pain. They mean well, but sometimes need a lot of nurturing and attention. As a healer, myself, I was not clearing my energy field like I should, but I did not realize it.

After the dream, I was inspired to go to the Spirit Sherpa podcast page, and then led to the Entrainment episode. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I have synesthesia, so I loved the reference to the synesthete. And it all made more sense!

Thank you, Kelle, the Spirit Sherpa!

Portia Chan

If it crosses your mind to reach out to Kelle, please do. She knows how to create a safe space to really get at exactly what you are wanting/needing to look at. As a trauma survivor, I asked some wisdom about the impact of this past experience on current body/sexuality comfort and Kelle opened my eyes to a perspective that I’ve never received before. She’s insightful, careful, thoughtful, diplomatic and has a tool box unlike any I’ve seen. She’ll pull from that what you need. Give her a call. I can’t speak highly enough about her.
Jet Levine

Kelle knows how to ask the right questions to get you to uncover your stuck places. While she offers practical solutions, she powers your transformation with moving rituals that mark the moment of change.

I have been challenged by her questions, uncovering places of resistance I didn’t know existed in me. But the most important thing is that the changes I have made are solid.

Kristy Wacek

Kelle Sparta is simply amazing. One time I was highly encouraged by a partner to do an individual session with her. At the time I was overly frugal, hesitant, and honestly I went in thinking it’s very unlikely I’m going to come away feeling like I got my money’s worth. Well, I did. Big time.

Kelle helped me see the source of the hard challenges I was going through – the beliefs that didn’t serve me, my unmet needs, and how to fill those needs. My session with Kelle was powerfully moving and eye opening to some strong unconscious patterns I had been living my whole adult life.

What I love about Kelle’s year long program I’m doing is that it’s more holistic, long term minded, and planned out for effectiveness than a lot of other self growth options out there. I feel more confident doing these efforts knowing that she, with all her experience, has put it all together consciously rather than me doing various self growth efforts on my own based on my more short term feelings and planning.

In addition to all of this, I tremendously appreciate how Kelle genuinely cares about me and the others she helps. She is kind, caring, compassionate and humble. I’ve lived my life in the self growth world for 10 years and have met and worked with many coaches, healers, therapists, etc. Kelle is clearly in the top 3 I’ve seen.

Thank you so much Kelle for EVERYTHING!

Kyle Hoffman

I highly recommend working with Kelle Sparta. I knew she was the right person to lead me through the personal struggles in my life. Her coaching has been spot on every single time I have brought up an issue I’m facing. I look forward to continuing my journey of healing myself with Kelle. She is first and foremost loving and kind with her insights; at the same time she calls me out to face my fears with dignity and strength. I truly believe that there are no accidents. Kelle Sparta is the Guide I was meant to learn from to experience my Spiritual transformation.
Megan Twing

When I signed up for Inner Peace 101 (now called Welcome to the Woo), I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. I was curious about how this course would help in calming my monkey mind and the hamster that enjoys it’s wheel a little too much. It certainly gave me a tool set to use to help me break my inner trappings of turmoil. Yes, some of the exercises were challenging, even met with resistance on my end. But it was worth every penny to have these tools at my disposal, to use through out my day/week/whatever to help me become a better person.

Ananda Walker

Kelle, You are, among other things, the initiator of women to the Priestess Sisterhood. You vanquish the demons of old and call forth women of magic into their full power.
Brynn Bishop

Tantra Instructor and Practitioner, Conscious Intimacy

I cannot say enough about Kelle Sparta, but am going to try regardless. Please realize I am a former U.S. Army Airborne Infantry and had the mind set one may associate with such an individual, so a skeptic of most things outside the realm of common experience.

I’ve had the pleasure and honor to be working with Kelle on my own transformation. She has become my personal Shaman and Teacher, helping me to become a better me, and not her version or someone else’s, but my own vision of it.

Now I’ve worked for many years with different modalities towards personal growth and change, which definitely helped me to get here, but the addition of working with her has accelerated the process exponentially. In a short time my career has leaped forward as it never would have, I have manifested what seems to be the exact job I was looking for and a salary I never would have imagined. I know for a fact that this would not have happened without the process Kelle is guiding me through.

Now this is but one example, but an exceedingly tangible one. Being able to bring what I believe and know to this work is what sets her apart the most. Her ability to remove her ego from the process, which is a lesson in and of itself, and help one to channel their goals, desires and beliefs makes her system incredibly powerful.

In other words; I recommend working with Kelle highly, just in case you hadn’t gleaned that was my opinion already…

Paul Manning

I just wanted to say thank you. I still use stuff you taught me more than ten years ago today. Most of the time do not realize I am even doing, until some one comes along and says something like man you can manifest almost anything you want huh. I can not thank you enough!
Peter Bzdula

In my first session with Kelle she was able to cut right through to what really mattered.

I have worked with a lot of coaches and Kelle is top notch. If you are looking for an authentic conversation with real, tangible outcomes, then Kelle is the coach for you…

… What an honor to spend a Private Day with Kelle! We dove right in and created things that I have been trying to work through for years. I highly recommend making the Private Day commitment, you’ll never look back!

My hat goes off to you Kelle.

Jenna Forster

Executive Coach

I super recommend Kelle’s classes, teaching and healing, the online and person classes are amazing. I can also say that the personal coaching sessions are an exponential leap forward at least that was my experience, if you really want to make some incredible progress it is so, so, so worth doing a coaching session.
Jon Hoffman

I first started working with Kelle after having taken a class with her. I was dealing with trying to banish self-doubt and negative tapes in my head as well as looking at how to establish self-love in my life.

When I was thinking about making the year-long investment in coaching sessions, it seemed like such a big investment to make in myself. After all, there wasn’t really a hard and fast deliverable at the end – just a promise of feeling better about life and myself and letting go of some of the stories I had been holding onto. How do you set a value on that?

But I was in a place where I knew I needed to make a change, and I had already gotten a lot of value out of the class I took with her, so I took the plunge and signed up.

Now it’s a year later and I can see exactly what that time and money bought me and it’s worth so much more than I spent! Through a series of perspective shifts or what she calls “Thought Alchemy”, Kelle helped me to peel away the inner dialog that kept me bogged down.

And it wasn’t even really hard! Usually the hardest part was just wrapping my brain around the new way of thinking about things. And doing that instantly changed my experience of myself, my family, and the world around me.

With those voices gone, I am now able to see myself so much more clearly. I’m able to let go of things that once drained my energy. I am more relaxed, at ease, and at peace with myself and my life than I can ever remember being.

If you’re thinking about working with Kelle and you’re worried about spending this kind of money on yourself, think of it this way. You could spend the money on a vacation or paying down bills, or you could spend it making your life better every day for the rest of your life. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Millie Gormelly

Financial Planner

I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I had never met Kelle. I wouldn’t be here…or in the place where I am today. I am so happy and grateful for Kelle.

Upon the completion of working together I was reading a list of questions she had written…Do you want to love your life? Do you want to stop feeling overwhelmed everyday? And I now can attest that I DO love my life and I no longer feel overwhelmed everyday. 

Thank you, Kelle, Thank you so much. 

You are amazing and I never in a million years pictured my life this good. 

Amy Kelly

I was first introduced to Kelle through her podcasts and immediately drawn by her clear messaging and grounded support. After reading her book, ‘Boundaries for Empaths’ I was hooked. I felt that Kelle was speaking directly to me, she WAS speaking directly to me. I was that empath with no boundaries that she was talking about. I first took ‘Inner Peace 101’ and quickly followed with, ‘Mastering Spiritual Evolution’ (now renamed ‘Welcome to the Woo’). Through these programs I learned how to create healthy boundaries, be my true self, and own my power. In addition to the coursework and journaling, the bi-weekly group sessions with Kelle provided a great opportunity to connect directly with Kelle and other spiritual seekers in the program.

Karyn Hylan

Shanie Coven Easter

Audio Testimonial

Jashua Radewan 

Audio Testimonial

Events (With Kathy Scheiern)

I was blown away by how much information I was able to take in, in a three day program… I was able to take some powerful steps in getting out of my own way on patterns of self-sabotage… Kelle and Kathy have a unique program that can work wonders for… people (like me) who find themselves unable to get unstuck. Thank you both!
Opeyemi Parham

Success! TLDR: I successfully detoxed from a cocktail of sleep meds, sleeping well drug-free for the first time in over a decade, and attributing it to healing workshops I participated in that helped me get to the root of the problems.

A week ago, just as we were coming out of retrograde, I neglected to take one of my sleep meds for severe CPTSD related sleep issues because I had forgotten to pick up the scrip at the pharmacy (had already recently stopped with the ones I had to take when I woke up in the middle of the night that could take an hour or 3 to help me get back to sleep). I’d been wanting to detox anyway to see if my body was ready to adjust to no sleep meds at all so I figured I’d just try to get through it and relax as much as I could. The next night, I stopped taking the other sleep med as well (I took 2 to begin with). A few nights ago, I stopped sipping the nighty night tea with valerian that I kept by my bedside in the event I should wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to sleep well again. And the last couple of nights, I have had good, full nights of sleep without any intervention at all for the first time in…over a decade, I think.

I have been helping to organize group workshops for a certain kind of very deep shamanic healing after participating in a few last year. Since I had my first constellation, my system has been shifting pretty hard just as fast as it can and I am now sleeping and in *significantly* less chronic pain than ever before and feeling more peace (I have healed an awful lot of my own chronic pain but had some blocks I could not see that had to do with blood loyalty that I could not get at on my own and the workshops nailed it). My own healing work is not done, but sleeping well and being in significantly less pain should help speed along the remainder of this journey.

Amelia Clearwater

Met and exceeded my expectations! I got a whole new paradigm… plus concrete steps for moving forward.
Sarah Taub

Conflict Resolution Consultant and Organizer, Network for New Culture

Kelle and Kathy were brilliant and leading me toward the ability to articulate something that I have known for some time, but could not express in words – that I have had a tough time in intimate relationships. As a result of the weekend with them, not only was I able to articulate the problem much more clearly, but I had a deeper understanding of why and what I could do to shift that dynamic. As a result of the work with Kelle and Kathy over that weekend – and beyond to integrate what I had learned – I feel much more confident and happy in my ability to connect with intimate partners and express my needs well. I cannot thank Kelle and Kathy enough!
Lydia Watts

Wow……. I am still sitting with and moved very deeply from Kelle Sparta’s [and Kathy Scheiern’s] workshop over the weekend. It was outstanding. She and her leadership and training skill and presentation skills, and what she had to deliver, were EXQUISITE…only word that could match it. …Practical, personal, spiritual and emotional tools and guidance to make it all work. really. (spiritual in a pretty broad sense of the word) I got profound stuff from it on a deep personal level. I had some awareness and shifts that seem life changing. I am reeling from it… Wow….. Holy crap…amazing…..
Jon Fischer

Photographer, Jon Fischer Photography

23 hours over 3 days. Got balanced offerings: mental, emotional, spiritual, practical. Kind of felt like first visit to DisneyWorld – so much wonder, sensory overload, days later is becomes clear how much beauty, wonder, was received. Love the authenticity, skill, humor, ability to hold diverse people and energies, openness, knowledge. Rich in content & modeling.
Tonia Pinheiro

Wake Up Artist, Wake Up Works

I came to this event because it was exactly what I needed and it far exceeded my expectations!!! I couldn’t imagine beforehand that you could cover all this content without it being overwhelming, and yet you did! The energetics you brought to the process made all the difference. PERFECT! I would absolutely recommend this program to others.
Brynn Bishop

Tantra Educator, Conscious Intimacy

Kelle and Kathy are extraordinary spiritual leaders. What I received over the 3 days far exceeded my expectations. They can take you to the places you need to go no matter how scary or painful then walk you through with love, grace and acceptance. They lead you to a better place than where you started and a better understanding of who are in the world and where you are going. They create an environment of safety which allows for and promotes the growth and perspective shifting necessary to move forward in all areas of your life.
Tiffeny Wandler

Yesterday, I had a reunion with participants of the workshop that I attended. I felt strong love and connections with my fellow participants. Two weeks after my workshop, the bond and connections remained strong. Building a community might not be on your top priority list when you choose to come to the workshop, but the fact of a strong community born out of the workshop testifies to the energy work and transformative impact of the workshop.

If you know what you want to do, certainly come to the workshop. You will learn some magical and energetic approaches for your strategizing and gain important insights of yourself, and get bound with a hard found community of like-minded healers and believers.

If you do not know what you want to do, the workshop is your best first step… Considering it a therapeutic, transformative retreat to help you unlock and unstuck. I recall that three days after the workshop, I was still reeling in the energy and joy from the workshop.

Xing Hu

Just came back from one of the most extraordinary seminars I’ve ever attended with Kelle Sparta and Kathy Scheiern.

OMFG! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO far above and beyond ANYTHING I could have imagined!!! Healing. Empowering. Terrifying, clearingly AWESOME. CHANGED MY LIFE — no shit.

Let me simply say that, if you EVER get a chance to attend ANYTHING presented by EITHER of these women, RUN TOWARD IT like it’s a walled city and you’re being chased by zombies on turbo-charged motorcycles!!!

They have created a nurturing, no bullshit, no fluff, wisdom-filled… cauldron of awakening.

Let me point out that this is pharmaceutical-grade spiritual tough love medicine and it is NOT for tire kickers, hecklers, the faint of heart, or anyone who doesn’t believe in opening up to passion in their purpose. You just have to be willing to AUTHENTICALLY show up and the medicine will work. Gonna stop gushing. It’s simple: if you want to both succeed AND *enjoy* your success, check out their work. It’s not a panacea — just a chest full of powerful medicine tools.

Julie Woods

Shaman, The Urban Shaman

I was really impressed by how well Kelle and Kathy held the sacred space for all of the participants, supporting each person in her/his unfolding. I was also very impressed by the vast array of their skills. I experienced a pivotal shift in myself that is having a profound influence on my life… Many thanks to Kelle and Kathy for creating the opportunity, and particularly to Kelle for the perfect nudge in the right direction.
Mina Gibb


I am back from one of the Most Amazing workshops I’ve EVER been to… presented by Kathy Scheiern and Kelle Sparta. Whew… I’m still integrating all the life-changing information, shifts and gifts that I opened myself up to RECEIVE from the Universe! CRAZY!! And now I am able to better serve my community as a Transformation Facilitator.

“Thank you’s” don’t EVEN begin to express my gratitude to these two women and the Universe for aligning in such a way that allowed me to attend.

Out of all that I received this weekend, what hit home the most was that I am Welcomed, I am Wanted and that I am Important! All the things I have told many of my clients over the years. I am happy to report that I GET IT!! More to follow as integration continues… Coming to understand more and more what our unique gifts are, that we were put on this earth to offer up to assist in our personal healing and thusly the healing of our planet!

Sandy Batts Starr

I came into this space initially confused with my passion and have truly, for the first time in my life, met individuals that have given me such personal core foundation insights (built by my own inner clarity of my own innate ability as my own). They have given me a method to bring into the physical my ability that can impact our lives. The content was right on the mark to what I was looking for to push me to that edge of the envelope to open myself to my inner passion that I lost long ago. Anyone stuck in a rut will find themselves soon enough out of the rut and looking down onto their experience as a personal path to their mission.
Jason McNatt

Podcast Testimonials

You and your podcast family have saved my life. I was in a terrible place when I found your podcast. I know I was meant to find you when I did.

It has taken years and a lot of money, I did not have, to undo the mess of a life I was living.

Every week I listened and every week, which is how I lived, a took one step closer to the courage I needed to look at myself, my circumstances, and situation (s). Eventually the courage to face my darkness and pull myself out, back into the light came. I am not really sure I knew what living in the light was, but I am here now, and it is wonderful.

I am obtaining my Real Estate Lic. A step to a new beginning, and was just studying. I have had enough of Contracts, my brain hurts and thought, I need to listen to Kelle’s Last broadcast.

You have no idea what an impact you have made on my life.


I woke up well rested, but not ready for Monday. Instead of listening to my usual podcast in the morning while I do my morning routine, I listened to yours.
I feel SO GOOD right now. Your voice, energy, and show just lit up my morning. I feel so energized and … well HAPPY on this Monday morning. Not the norm, really.
So thank you. SO much.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Thank you
Thank you Kelle and Daniel for creating space for myself and so many others to explore and learn in a SAFE environment! I feel very lucky to have so many avenues of developing my spirituality, but specifically the Spirit Sherpa podcast because it has been an amazing resource! I can really feel the amount of care, love, and support they have for each and every one of their listeners. Thanks a million

A great introduction to energy and healing modalities
Kelle is very knowledgable and covers a lot of topics in a way that is very accessible to someone just investigating these subjects. Joey C is also a great host, asking good questions, and the audio quality is top notch!
Ken Mattsson

So informative and uplifting, I am new to getting into this world and working on myself, and I was for sure guided to this beautiful woman’s advice ❤️ it’s soooo inspiring to hear her deep CONTAINER of knowledge
Sag sister ♐️

Beautiful direction
My sister encouraged me to listen to Kelly and now every time I get into the car I am listening to Spirit Sherpa. She has such great depth and grounded energy. She covers so many great topics to help guide new explorations or like me brush up on old topics and give new insights. I am so excited to be involved in an energy scan by Kathy that was amazing and I hope to be able to start some classes soon. If you aren’t sure, you’ve got to dive in and give it a try.


Hi there kelle , My name is Darren I have gone through a pretty tremendous trauma, however I no your not here for that anyways moral of this is ,…. thank you you give myself and my daughter hope that one day we will be ok , we lost her mother in a vehicle accident two years ago and it has been a rough road , I listen to your podcast daily, you’re beautiful what you do is amazing, we love you kelle thank you for showing some light in the dark and leading the way for us.
Darren Cartier

Thank-you for this great conversation! It is well-needed during these tumultuous times. I’m hearing it at the perfect time for my situation!

Bright Blessings!

Darren Cartier

Deeply Fascinating, Loads of Info
I've done some spiritual study with a couple different teachers (and hence, am a bit woo-woo), studying energy healing and other spiritual work. I don't come to the extra-sensory/magical/world-beyond-the-veils through a Wiccan or Pagan tradition, but Kelle's Shamanism braces worlds that I've maybe been too fearful to step into. And that’s fascinating and educational: she has expanded my understanding of the world beyond the empirical. And yet, she is decidedly NOT too woo-woo: she is powerful and grounded, generous with her knowledge (and also, her cautions about what may be dangerous to work with), and deeply committed to Shamanism through a personal path which requires that she examine her OWN stuff. That's brave, and the sign of someone who really wants to stay clear so she can be of true service. Not all “sensitives” are also humble enough to face themselves in a true way. I appreciate this podcast so much that it is now on my regular rotation, and I look for it each week. Kudos to Kelle and Joey C, this is a much-needed show with tons of great insight and info for true seekers, or for anyone at anystage or station of their spiritual journey. Folks, she's the real deal, and a rare gem. Also, she has great guests! Check it out.

Comprehensive and Entertaining
So glad I stumbled across this podcast! There is so much good information in every episode I find myself bingeing. Definitely want to learn more about this work now.

A great introduction to energy and healing modalities
” I just listened to your recent podcast, yay thank you for addressing the money question, your friend Kathy sounds lovely and you both had such good information to share. So much is flowing that wasn’t before since I talked to you. You opened so many blocks I had and I already feel less drained day to day. “
Kelly S

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